Chehel Sotoun Garden
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Chehel Sotoun Garden

Chehel Sotoun Garden in Isfahan is one of the Persian Garden registered on UNESCO World Heritage site in Iran.

Chehel Sotoun Garden is one of the landmarks of Isfahan province and it is an example of a royal garden that was built during the Safavi era. Shah Abbas Safavi helped to build the garden. He was very keen in the construction of the caravanserai and the gardens so that he could win the heart of people and speed his fame and glory.

Shah Abbas and Persian Garden 

Registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Chehel Sotoun garden features a unique and exquisite example of Iranian art designed by Sheikh Baha'i. This garden was built on the southwest side of Isfahan's Naqsh-e Jahan Square by the order of Shah Abbas I to be a link between Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Chahar Bagh Street. According to historical documents, the second Safavid king built the garden for the first time to prepare the building that his great-grandfather had begun to celebrate his coronation. Visit Chehel Sotoun Garden on Isfahan tour with Fotros travel.

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Chahar Bagh and Persian Garden 

Ishfahan's Chehel Sotoun Garden is a small part of the large Jahanamah Garden and is an example of the royal garden of the Safavid era. The area of Chehel Sotoun Garden is 67000 square meters. This garden was built during the King Abbas I era. During the era of King Abbas II, many changes were made to chehel sotoun garden and mirror hall, eighteen column hall, two large north and south hall mirrors, porches of the king's hall and large pool in front of the hall with all paintings and mirrors.

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In the past, the water for the garden was supplied by a branch of the Faden that entered the field of the world after some distance from the bottom of the garden. Currently, the water for the garden is supplied from a deep well. The garden trees currently consist of Iranian pine, elm, black maple, sycamore and juniper. In the gardens around the palace, seasonal flowers are planted in the greenhouse in the south of the garden. Visit Chehel Sotoun Garden on our Persian Garden Tour.

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