Jami al-Tawarikh
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Jami al-Tawarikh

Jami al-Tawarikh or Rashidi's History is one of the most valuable historical works in Persian about the myths, beliefs, culture of Mongols in the world. Jami al-Tawarikh was registered on Iran Memory of the World list in 2017.

Jami al-Tawarikh

Nativity of the Prophet Muhammad 

Jami al-Tawarikh was written by Rashid-al-Din Hamadani, the vice chancellor of Mongol King, Mahmud Ghazan in Tabriz. Rashid-al-Din Hamadani who was a historian and physician, wrote down one of the most important history books in Iran. In fact, he is the father of new Persian historiography in Persian, Iran. Th book has the following contents;


  • Adam and the patriarchs
  • the kings of the pre-Islamic Iran
  • Muhammad and the Caliphs (Rashidun, Umayyad, Abbasid and Fatimid Caliphates)
  • the Islamic dynasties of Persia (Ghaznavids, the shahs of Khwarezm, the Isma'ili-ruled Alamut)
  • the Turkic peoples,
  • the History of China
  • Jewish history,
  • Frangistan (ie., Europe, primarily the Papal States and Holy Roman Empire)
  • the Indians.

Where is Jami al-Tawarikh now?

The first manuscript was written in 1004 H. /1595 in 305 folios. The second manuscript was written in 1074 H. /1665. Both manuscripts are kept in the Royal Library of Iran and enjoy unrivaled artistic features. The early manuscript was lost in wars and disappeared into thin air in time. Yet, other manuscript survived. Edinburgh University Library owns 151 folios of volume. Two Persian copies from the first generation of manuscripts survive in the Topkapı Palace Library in Istanbul. But, the large volume of the book is now kept in Golestan Museum Palace, Tehran.  

Jami al-Tawarikh

Battle between the sons of Sabuktagin, Mahmud and Isma'il

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