Tour and Travel Agency

What we do

Fotros Travel Agency provides almost all of the travel
services throughout Iran. Here ae the travel services;
Issuing airline tickets (international and domestic)
Issuing train and bus ticket in Iran
Organizing outbound tours (Leisure, Business, Exhibitions, Conferences)
Organizing inbound tours to Iran (Cultural, Sport, Adventure, Religious and Ecotourism)
Booking hotels, Hostels, traditional hotels, guest houses and local houses in Iran
    Day tours
    Budget tours
    Tailor-made tours
    Iran visa services
    Travel Insurance
    Car Rental, Transfers and Transportations
    Tourist Guides in different languages

We have a close cooperation with different associations and medical societies in Iran. The list comes as follows;

  • University of Tehran
  • Mera’at Educational Innovations Center
  • Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
  • The Iranian society of ophthalmology
  • Iran urology association
  • The Iranian society of Radiology
  • We are able to plan exclusive tours include the following programs:

  • Tour organization for International conference/congress in Iran
  • Visiting Iranian universities and meet university boards
  • University of Tehran, the faculty of world studies
  • University of Religions and Denominations, Qom
  • Al-Mustafa International University, Qom
  • Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin
  • Visiting Cultural Centers and Art Galleries
  • Visiting local Iranian Journals
  • Visiting Iran’s churches and cathedrals and meet bishops
  • Touring the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
  • Visiting Iranian factories such as Iran Khodro or Saipa Iran, two main Iranian automakers.
  • Visiting Iranian dams such as Dez Dam on the Dez River and Karun Dam on the Karun River in the province of Khuzestan.
  • With all these, we plan different tours, budget or luxury, for doctors, students, teachers and various groups of travelers.

  • Join our tours now and be part of the big circle of clients and be another witness for our reliability!