Varzaneh Desert
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Varzaneh Desert

Walk barefoot on golden dunes of Varzaneh desert, an unforgettable experience in heart of Iran. 

Varzaneh Desert is one of the deserts you will never forget. Located on the southeast of Isfahan, Varzaneh desert is two-hour drive from Isfahan and thirty-minute drive from Varzaneh village. Iran has many deserts that we have talked about most, such as the Maranjab Desert, Mesr and Jandaq. 


The sand dunes of Varzaneh are different from anywhere else. The wind blows make the hills differ from one another. As if each of these hills has a story to tell, like Scheherazade in one thousand and one night. Fotros travel offers an unforgettbale Varzaneh tour with special local guide. 


In desert you feel the tranquility that is hard to find in anywhere in nature. The uneven scenery of the desert dunes is the only landscape you see around.


This desert is full of sand dunes where you can go off-road and experience the excitement while riding on special machines on these hills. You can stay in the desert until sunset and watch the sunset, which makes it impossible to see the beauty of the sunset elsewhere except the desert. As the night unfolds on another wilderness of the wilderness; in the desert you will see a magical sky, a black curtain where thousands of shining stars shimmer. The stars shine so big and clear that you can fade away for a long time, as if they didn't get close enough to the ground that you could even touch them.


Activities in Varzaneh Desert

At the heart of varzaneh desert, you can experience leisure activities such motorcycling, camel riding, sandboarding and All-terrain vehicle. You can also take off your shoes and walk on them naked for a while, surely touching the sand is a memorable experience in the desert.



Varzaneh Vegetation

You might think that there is no vegetation in desert but you are wrong. Desert has a variety of vegetation. Varzaneh desert has 5,000 hectares of wilderness where you can see mostly shrub and shrubby shrubs, but plants such as shrubs, bushes and other sandy plants are also found in the area. In the past years, there have been numerous and varied animal species in the area that have declined because of hunting. Today there are animals such as jackals, rabbits, cats, hawks, horned vultures, camel snakes can be seen in Varzaneh desert.


Best Time to Visit Varzaneh Desert

The best time to visit Varzaneh are spring and autumn. Make sure to wear shoes during your desert trip and use sunscreen, sunglasses, and sunglasses and bring plenty of water. Fotros travel offers Iran desert tour with special well-equipped desert team. 


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