Fin Garden
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Fin Garden

Fin Garden in Kashan is one of the Persian Garden registered on UNESCO World Heritage site in Iran


Fin Garden History 

Fin Garden the name of a Persian garden in Kashan where Fin Bath is located. The history of Fin garden and its monuments goes back to the Safavi period. The garden is over 6,000 square meters and includes a central courtyard surrounded by walls and cylindrical towers. The towers in Persian garden can be seen only in Dowlatabad Garden, not other Persian gardens. Visit Fin Garden with Fotros on Kashan Tour with local guide.

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Fin Garden is one of the most beautiful and famous Persian gardens which a perfect example of Persian is gardening. From a very long time ago, Fin region has been the focus of rulers and kings. “The buildings and canals of Fin have been built by Jamshid." Since then, the royal monuments have been attributed to the monarchs of Buyid dynasty and renovated in the Mongol era by its ancient mansions.

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Fin Garden Features 

Water in Fin garden is present in stagnant forms (in front of the pool and in the Safavi basin), flowing (in the atmospheres), spouts (fountains), and boiling (water emerges from regular potholes in the boiling basin, and the Safavi basin and Fath-Ali Shah Qajar resident).

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Fin Garden and Qanat 

Running water from the fountains, pools and ponds of the Fin garden comes from Sulaimaniyah Springs, through Persian Qanat. The water of this spring is first collected in a pool behind the garden. Inside the garden, there are many trees, short and tall fountains as well as the sound of water passing through the garden's cobblestones all around visitors. You can visit Sulaymaniyah spring and aqueducts in Kashan on Persian Garden Tour with Fotros Travel.  

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Fin garden area is 33700 square meters. The garden is a significant example of the Iranian architecture and is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Fin garden architecture, has complied with all the principles of the standard of garden construction. What stands out most in this garden is the presence of water, an essential element link with underground aqua system known as Persian Qanat, and of course trees, which are actually fascinating elements of this place and have been able to create fascinating space architecture alongside the complex buildings. One of the most important elements in the design of this garden was the preservation of symmetry, which was especially important at that time. On Iran classic tour, you can walk in this beautiful Persian garden to feel the essence of Iran.


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