Qanat of Gowhariz
Iran World Heritage Sites

Qanat of Gowhariz

Qanat of Gowhariz is located in Joupar, Kerman province which registered on Iran UNESCO World Heritage Sites under the name of The Persian Qanats.  

Joupar has great weather, thus it was a desirable campsite to Kerman rulers. Since they visited Joupar once in a year they called in Joupar which means “last year stream”. Joupar has mountains with different beautiful peaks three of which, Kil Jalal, Baluchi, and Kash, are very famous. This mountains with its underground cold water made ancient residents create Qanat of Gowhariz, which is still one of the most active Qanats in Kerman, Iran. Kerman is a land that always shines with its beautiful attractions like diamond among all Iranian cities and has always attracted the attention of the world. And Qanat of Gowhariz is one of these diamonds besides Shazdeh Garden.


Qanat of Gowhariz was dug during Safavi period and is about 500 years old. It has 3556m length and 129 wells. It irrigates about 2 hectares affected by Joupar gardens. 69 years ago, Anthony Smith, an English Tourist in search of whitefish, visited this Qanat for the first time. In 2012 when he revisited Qanat of Gowhariz he dived into it saying that it was his first love because he had started tourism with visiting there.

Qanat of Gowhariz

Taken together with 5 liters per second, Qanat of Gowhariz irrigates about 2 hectares of Joupar's gardens. One of advantages of Qanat of Gowhariz is that this qanat is supplied its water through fault.

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