Pahlavanpour Garden
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Pahlavanpour Garden

Pahlavanpour Garden in Mehriz, Yazd is one of the Persian Garden registered on UNESCO World Heritage site in Iran. 

Pahlavanpour Garden in Mehriz like Dowlatabad Garden dates back to the reign of the Qajar kings. Although the garden is located in Yazd province, which is one of the hot and desert provinces of Iran, it has a pleasant and cool climate and in winter it can also be used as a "winter house" in the natural heat of a Persian architecture building. In addition to the old and fruitful plane trees, persimmon, pomegranate and almond trees were also planted in the garden.

Pahlavanpour Garden Tour

The Pahlavanpour Garden Complex includes an old or main house, stables, a fountain, a central courtyard, a bathroom and a dormitory, a caretaker's house, a winter house and a pantry.

Pahlavanpour Garden architecture

Pahlavanpour Garden and Qanats

Pahlavanpour Garden used to have special popularity due to the flow of water inside it. The water originates from a well-known Persian qanat known as "Hassan Abad" and does not directly pass through any of the gardens in the area except Pahlavanpour Garden.

Pahlavanpour Garden Mehriz

It should be mentioned that Mehriz city has three important qanats such as Hassanabad, Shah Hosseini and Mazvir Abad qanat which pass through this garden. One of the most important features of the Pahlavanpour Garden is its trees. Despite the dry and warm climate of Yazd, the pomegranate, persimmon and almond grow in this garden, and this is only due to the high-water supply of the garden. Visit Pahlavanpour Garden on Persian Garden Tour with Fotros travel along with other Yazd attractions.

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