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Abbasi Hotel


If you decide to travel Iran, you must visit Esfahan. This hotel is a 5 star and the oldest hotel in Iran and it’s the best choice as an accommodation in Isfahan. You can observe all the Iranian traditional architecture in Abbasi hotel which shine like diamond. History of Abbasi hotel Isfahan returns to 300 years ago in Safavid era (opened in the 1700s) therefore customers can realize the history of hotel from design and architecture. According to CNN Abbasi Hotel is The Middle East's most beautiful hotel.
The building of Abbasi hotel is the best and obvious sample of Iranian architecture which is located at Amadegah St. in Isfahan. This hotel’s building designed entirely with Iranian luxurious decorations.

You can stay at single rooms, double rooms and different kinds of suites (Safavieh, Qajar, Landscape and Pardis). These suites are really special with traditional design and glorious Iranian decorations. So all of the facilities for a luxury suite are provided in Safavieh and Qajar suites at Abbasi hotel in Esfahan. In addition you have the best view of the garden in these suites at this 5 star hotel.

There are some sport facilities such as: swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, massage and gym club. Enjoy delicious Iranian foods at its different restaurants. This hotel is the great choice for your meetings, ceremonies and seminars. There are several halls.

The Abbasi’s main building was once a caravanserai; arranged around a huge garden of ponds and towering cedars, this is a very special place to stay.
Hotel facilities include a cozy traditional restaurant, a welcoming coffee shop, a business center, craft shops, and an indoor pool, sauna and gym. Breakfast is served on the galley floor of the main restaurant, ringed about with gorgeous murals, while dinner is served in the main mirrored hall below.

Address: Amadegah St., Isfahan

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