Qeshm Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions

Qeshm Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions


In Hormozgan Province, there are some islands like Kish, Hormoz and Qeshm. Qeshm is the largest island in Iran and in Persian Gulf. This island has a mesmerizing nature and therefore is one of Iran best tourist destinations that Iranians love as well. The best time for visiting Qeshm Island is winter when the weather is more pleasant.

Top tourist attractions in Qeshm:

Chahkooh Canyon

“Chahkooh” is a canyon in the heart of mountains. It has tall walls. And incredible formations were shaped on these rocky walls by erosion. While walking through this amazing pass, you feel that you are in a fictional world. It’s called “Chahkooh”, “Chah” means well, since there are many historical wells in this canyon.

Stars Valley

“Star Valley” is a vast amazing valley that’s located near to the lovely village of Berkeh-ye Khalaf. The mountains’ walls have been formed incredibly through centuries and by the power of wind and water. Rocky massive columns and interesting shapes have been shaped as if some artists made them purposefully. When a visitor pass through this valley and see these miraculous shapes, and hearing mysterious sounds which wind make, he or she feels that come to another planet.

Mangrove Forests

In Qeshm Island, there are forests of Mangroves that are wonderful trees which grow into the salt water with intertwined roots. These trees are disappeared during high tide and are exposed again at low tide. This area is also a heaven for bird watcher, for there are many species of tropical water birds there. The visitors could go on a boat ride (preferably not motor ones, as they terrify the birds) to watch the forest and also the birds.

Namakdan Salt Cave

“Namakdan Salt Cave” is one of Qeshm wonders. This is the longest salt cave in the world. Because of white layers of salt on the mountain, it has an attractive scene and from a distance, it looks like snow mistakenly. There are picturesque salt stalagmites in this cave and it’s better to have your own headlamp to explore and enjoy more. Surrounding beaches are also really nice and you can use the opportunity to enjoy swimming there.

Kharbas Cave

Khabrbas Cave is located near to the city of Qeshm. In pre-Islamic era, people extended the cave for using as a shelter. Mysterious formations were shaped on the rocky walls of Khabrbas Cave. The cave overlooks the sea and plain and there are great views of the surrounding area.

Portuguese Castle

Besides Qeshm natural attractions, there are also some historical sites in this island. The most important one is the remainder of Portuguese Castle. In 1507 A.D. Portugal dominated some Persian Gulf islands, including Qeshm, and they had built military castles in these islands. After 115 years and in Safavid dynasty, Iranians took back the castles and the dominated lands. There is also “Noopak” the only Iran crocodile park almost near to this place.

There are two indeed beautiful islands so close to Qeshm, namely Hengam and Naz islands.

Hengam Island

In Hengam Island, there are lots of things to enjoy. There is a rich marine life there, such as dolphins, turtles, colorful fish and crabs. You can go on a boat ride to see and get very close to the bottlenose dolphins and watching this clever animal which is considered vulnerable by IUCN red list. You could also enjoy swimming and diving in azure and clear waters of Persian Gulf.

Naz Island

It consists of two small islands which have rocky beaches and 5-10 m high cliffs. It connects to Qeshm island in low tide and people could walk from Qeshm to Naz Island. This island is a good and untouched place for diving and also another good place for bird lovers.

What & Where to eat in Qeshm:

People who visit Qeshm, should try its local foods. There is a wide variety of sea foods in this island, including fish, shrimp, squid and shark which could be cooked in different ways, . There are many good restaurants in Qeshm which serve freshly made sea foods in a really good quality. “Alvand Restaurant” is the best one, we suggest you to try shark in this restaurant. “Naeem” is another excellent restaurant where you can have shrimp and other sea foods. “Khaleh” is also a woman in Qeshm who has turned her own house to a lovely restaurant, located near to Portuguese Castle, in which we suggest you to try delicious squid or her cheap spicy falafel sandwich, she’s serving only for dinner. Besides sea foods, you can try “Goat Kebab” in Qeshm. There is also a kind of local bread in the city of Qeshm which is called “Tomoshi”, it’s actually a light food, which is cooked with egg and cheese and is served with a special sauce.

What & Where to buy in Qeshm:

Although Iranians go for shopping mostly clothes in Qeshm shopping malls, there are more interesting and local items for shopping like locally made handicrafts, local spices, date and henna, you could even get a henna tattoo by local women who do it masterfully in just a few minutes, temporary designs on your hands but permanent in your mind.
Best place for shopping these local items is “Old Qeshm Bazaar” where you can find a range of handicrafts and women traditional clothes and also the spices which are the reason for local foods’ deliciousness and special taste.

Best hotels in Qeshm:

1- Khalije Fars Beach Hotel
2- Qeshm Eram Hotel
3- Singo Hotel
4- Assad Bed & Breakfast
5- Haft Rangoo

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