Kish Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions

Kish Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions

Kish is an island in southeast of Iran in the coast of Persian Gulf, a place where attracts lots of Iranian and foreign tourists. Many people travel there for shopping because it’s a free trade zone and has several modern shopping centers. But another reason for going to Kish is its history. From very ancient times, this island was an important city and port and it embraces many historical attractions too. You could also spend peaceful moments in the beaches of azure waters and as well enjoy doing adventurous activities such as diving, surfing, jet ski and other water sports.Read more to know about Kish Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions.

Top tourist attractions in Kish

Greek Ship 

One morning in 1966, people of Kish Island suddenly saw a huge ship (136 m) which ran aground in the coast. Despite efforts for dragging her back, she was stuck in this place. Her final owners were Greek and so it’s called “Greek ship ”. This ship isn’t so old but it has become symbol of Kish. This spot is a good place for taking photo specially at sunset, since the combination of sunset and the ship makes a picturesque view.

Kariz-e Kish 

It’s a historical site embracing an ancient hydraulic system that’s called “kariz” (qanat) and is over 2500 years old. Qanat is a series of wells. Today, this site is really well restored and turned into an underground city (16 m below the ground) to visit this hydraulic system. There are great cafés and restaurants in this place. The interesting point is that, lots of fossils and corals are seen in the ceilings and walls.

Dolphin Park 

Kish Dolphin Park is the first Iran delphinium. Visitors enjoy watching the talents and performances of the intelligent dolphins and sea lions which is a fun and entertaining experience specially for kids. It’s actually a complex where consists of a delphinium, a bird garden, a traditional restaurant and some other parts. Its bird garden is home to several species of birds from around the world.


On the island of Kish, Persian Gulf provides diving, windsurfing and much more. It’s the richest and most beautiful area of diving site in Iran. This place is untouched for exploration and there are no underwater crowds, with water depth up to 33 meters. It is a great place for diving enthusiastic. You could enjoy diving in wonderful Persian Gulf, slipping beneath the waves and descending into the amazing underwater world. You could perceive the calmness in the sea depth. There is also a wide variety of aquatic animals there including whale shark, angelfish, stingrays, turtles, reef sharks, coral reefs and over 900 species of fish. There is also training centers there that cater to all levels of training. Diving is a must be done experience in Kish.


There are lots of things to enjoy in Kish wide silvery beaches and have relaxing time there; beautiful blue sky, pleasant sunshine and the crystal clear and azure waters of Persian Gulf. It’s really clear, probably because Kish is a coral island. The sea is like an open aquarium, in which you could see aquatic animals. People also could try and enjoy riding bicycle in Kish beaches. Women must use the separate beaches for swimming. “Ladies Beach” is so clean and has transparent water which is perfect for swimming.


From really old times, Kish Island has played an important role in Iran relations with other countries like India, China and European countries. “Harireh” had been remained from the old city of Kish which dates back to at least 800 years ago. Most of that city is ruined but even the remains indicate that old Kish was a large and flourishing city.

What & Where to eat in Kish

Because Kish is a coastal city, visitors are recommended to try sea foods there. In Kish Island, there is a wide variety of sea foods and different ways of cooking fish. There are a lot of good restaurants in Kish. Many of them have live music. Among them, Tutti fruitti Restaurant seems the best choice because it’s located by the sea and while having delicious meal, you will have beautiful view of the sea, specially from its wooden rooftop. Two other famous restaurants in Kish are Mirmohana and Shandiz Safdari. Both of them have live music likewise.

What & Where to buy in Kish

Shopping is a top priority for people (specially Iranians) who travel to Kish Island. Kish is a free trade zone and is a great place for shopping, because there are a lot of shopping malls in this city and the prices are so reasonable in them. Top shopping malls in Kish are “Kish Trade Center”, “Morvarid Shopping Center”, “Sarina Mall 1”, “Pardis Shopping Mall 1&2” and “Marjan Shopping Mall”. These are modern shopping malls in which you will find mostly trendy clothes and other stuff. Local souvenirs of Kish are jewelries and decorative handicrafts that are made with sea shells and also wicker handicrafts.

Best hotels in Kish:
1- Dariush Grand Hotel
2- Toranj Marine Hotel
3- Shayan Hotel
4- Marina Park Hotel
5- Parmis Hotel
6- Maryam Sorinet Hotel

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