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Ameriha Boutique Hotel

In 1999, in an attempt to restore a part of Kashan’s local culture, Ameriha House was entrusted to a capable, experienced team for restoration. Great care and attention was taken to restore this invaluable house based on its original layout and designs and the restoration project finally finished in 2014. Kashan’s biggest traditional house opening ceremony as a five star hotel with fifteen rooms was held in 2014. Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel is the most prominent and outstanding boutique hotel in Kashan. Ameriha Hotel has a total of 9 rooms and 6 royal suites. All rooms are spacious. You can have 24-room service.

Talking about the facilities, Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel provides great facilities along with warm and humble hospitality. Laundry and dry cleaning service, taxi services, spa and massage center, complimentary breakfast. In case, you are on a business trip, book the conference hall for your meetings or get your work done in the business center on the premises of the hotel. Moreover, medical facilities are always there in case of an emergency. There is a coffee shop serving traditional Iranian beverages, Talar Ayeneh restaurant serving Persian and European cuisine, and breakfast salon for the everyday breakfast buffet.

Ameriha House was built during the Zand era for Agha 'Ameri, the governor of Kashan, who was responsible for maintaining the security of the route between Tehran and Kerman.
Covering an area of 9000 square meters, and housing seven courtyards, the Ameri house is one of several large spectacular old houses in the central district of Kashan. Like the other houses around it, it was rebuilt in the 19th century.
The unique and magnificent architecture of the Ameries structures such as fascinating decorations, porches, ponds, courts and gardens make them spectacular edifice.
The house has the highest wind catcher (Badgir) between historical houses in Kashan and like other traditional homes of Iran includes interior and exterior, porch, pool, yard, Crew Yard, Stable covered with a variety of beautiful and artistic decoration. Facilities of the hotel include a coffee shop, a tea house, the Talar-e-Ayeneh restaurant, renting bicycles. We also provide up-to-date services such as 24-hour reception, operating tours, transfer services, handicrafts shop and a weaving workshop.

It is one of the largest traditional houses in Kashan with seven courtyards which was built during the Zand era and like the other houses around, it was rebuilt in the 19th century. In the past, this house was belonged to the greatest Ameriha family who were toll keepers of Silk Road for years.
Address: Ameriha Boutique Hotel, Alavi St., Kashan

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