Torkaman Port (Bandar-e Torkaman)
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Torkaman Port (Bandar-e Torkaman)

“Torkaman Port” (Bandar Torkaman)

Torkaman port is located on the west part of the Golestan province. The previous name of this port was “Bandar-Shah” which means king Port. Torkaman port was among the first cities in Iran that were blessed by the railway extended to.
This city was established by Reza Shah in 1927 and the had 3 wharves in its port and till now we can still notice some of the remains. This touristic port and the Caspian Sea are on the western part of the city which definitely increases its beauty.
People’s Special outfit and their dress code is one of the most stunning points in this region.
Most residents of this city are Torkaman and Sunni Muslims (about 75 %) but other residents who are Fars, Turk, Armenian, Kazakh, and Mazandarani consist of 25% of people.
Here we introduce you to some of the touristic places and spots in the region

Ashuradeh island:

The most famous place is the Torkaman port, Ashuradeh. For several reasons: that Ashourade is the only Iranian island of Caspian Sea, it is one of the most important wetlands in the world; 40% of Iran's caviar comes from this region, and every year the island is so wonderful by the view of migratory birds. Ashurade, is the only surviving one of the three islands, in the west of the Turkmen port. The northern triangular castle is a relic of the occupation by the Russians, which has entered the national register. From the Torkaman port you can take a boat to Ashurade, which is located only 10 minutes away.


Port of Torkaman:

If you want to buy colorful Torkaman dresses, wool, back and shamrocks that are dressed in Torkaman women, rugs and clothes made by the use of needles, necklaces, bracelets, and souvenir earrings, you can buy all from the Torkaman port Which is the best place to buy pieces of stuff in this port. If would like, you can ride pedal boats to the vast sea! The pier is located in the west of the port.

Sufikom Forbidden hunting area:

To view rare wildlife species such as the Torkaman fox and the smallest mammal in Iran, which is a dwarf insect eater, you can go to this hunting area forbidding. The significance of this wetland is due to a bird in danger, such as a white duck and white dwarf eagle. In winter, the area is full of birds that have reached the area after much travel. Unique and rare species such as white dwarf eagle and ducks from Africa and Europe, India and China, Turkmenistan and several other plateaus come to Iran and spend the winter in this area. The Sufikom Lagoon is home to 130 birds, including 9 migratory bird species and 12 native bird species.


Monday Market Turkmen Port:

On a trip to the Torkaman Port, it's better to make your trip planned so that you can be there on a Monday afternoon. Monday, the port of Torkaman is one of the attractions of this port and the handicrafts of the Torkaman port can be found there. The women and men illustrate their colorful, Torkaman handicrafts in this market. If elsewhere of the port you find expensive Torkaman souvenirs for any reason, you can buy kinds of stuff in this market at reasonable prices. On Mondays, the Torkaman port market you can find backpacks, rugs, needlework and jewelry and so many other kinds of handicrafts.
Torkaman port Monday market is at the entrance to this city.


The village of Qara Ghashlyi:

Torkaman Port is the land of racing horses, and every year in the spring, there are many tourists visiting the horse riding competitions and spring courses of the Turkmen port. To see Torkaman horses and see the horse racing, they have to go to the village of Qara Ghashli 10 km east of Torkaman port and in the middle of the Torkaman port to Gorgan.
Also, Ali Abad Katoul is not far from Bandar-Torkman, so you can also visit Aliabad Katoul Tourist Attractions as well. 

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Sara Bagheri Nezhad

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