Tehran Natural Tourist Spots
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Tehran Natural Tourist Spots

Tehran Natural Tourist Spots

Natural sites are considered as the lungs of  Tehran that make this city not only beautiful and green but also a place for living. Lots of trees in different parks are the best nests for birds who are looking for a safe home. ​​​​​​

Natural Bridge (Tabiat Bridge):

This Bridge works as a connection between two parks, Taleghani and Ab-o-Atash (Water and Fire), which are separated by a highway. This bridge is famous for its unique construction and spectacular view, on three floors with lots of restaurants and cafés. 


One of Tehran natural attractions which is well-known for the variety of goodies and a beautiful mountain that makes wonderful and enjoyable memories for people. Walking in Darband and you forget how old you are by being impressed of the atmosphere. 


One of a great path for mountain climbing, resting and finding calmness and peace with lots of traditional restaurants, café, and goodies that tempt everyone to even drink a cup of tea. A village near Tehran but far from the crowd and pollution of the capital city.


A mountain among Alborz mountain range that encourages hikers and mountain climbers to conquer it. There is a structure at the peak of this mountain to commemorate young soldiers, who fought bravely and were killed during the war, called Shahid.

Darabad Mountain, Wildlife and Nature Museum:

A tourist attraction spot that attracts nature lovers to appreciate the beauty of waterfalls, peaks, and great climate. The name of Darabad also reminds people of a museum which looks like a zoo. Not only lots of animals can be seen in taxidermies but also many of them are seen alive. If you are lucky enough, you would be there for their lunchtime.




Human Park:

according to its name, this is the best place where both kids and adults can know about the human body and how different parts of it work. The giant size of a human body which is supposed to teach their functions to the visitors.


Jamshidieh Park:

One of the oldest parks in Tehran, near mountains in the northern part of the capital city with different manmade elements such as statues, and artificial waterfalls. This park work like a path for those who decide to go mountain climbing. 


Mellat Park:

At the beginning of its usage, this park was famous as a place for dating and so many couples used to meet each other there. The vast area with old trees that demonstrate the antiquity of this park. The other interesting matter about this spot is that on Vali-e Asr street, in front of the park gate, you can find giant ice-cream.


Saei Park:

Constructing this park lasted for more than 10 years and is entitled after Karim Saei who played a great role in erecting this amazing green area. Animal cages beside their sculptures have changed the appearance of the park.


Velenjak (Bame-e Tehran):

By walking through Tochal summit you will face spectacular view of the whole Tehran. So many amusement complexes, restaurants, cafés, in addition to Tehran Sled attract young people to spend their leisure time in this place.


Chitgar Lake( Persian Gulf Lake):

A manmade artificial lake, situated in the western part of Tehran, also named as Persian Gulf Lake after the Martyrs of Persian Gulf. 
What is needed to be mention is that there are lots of other well-known parks such as Laleh, Daneshjoo, Nakhjir, Nahj al-Balaghe, Goftegoo, etc. besides Lavizan, Shian, Sorkhe Hesar, and Chitgar Forest Parks.


Written by: Najmeh Haghi



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