Persian Culinary & International Collaboration
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Persian Culinary & International Collaboration

Fotros travel agency has been working on culinary tourism and trying to introduce this part of culture of Iran through gastronomy to the world. We have tried so much to hold culinary workshops in different cities of the country for our dear travelers or share lots of information in this field in our social media. That's a big step toward the future to represent the diverse culinary of Iran to the world. 

As Rasht has been registered as a creative city of gastronomy in UNESCO, now our culinary culture will be more famous and we have the chance to promote it. Rasht is now among 47 cities from 33 countries that are now part of the network in seven creative fields — crafts and folk art, design, film, gastronomy, literature, media arts and music.

This has led us to extend our cooperation worldwide and work with international chefs and people who are interested in Iranian cuisine, in this way we are going to introduce Lucas Sabban, a French guy who is the admin of Iran Cuisine website that offers a variety of persian recipes and articles in this field. It's our honor to work with professional people who share informative content with the world.

Here is the introduction of Lucas about his website:

Discover Iranian cuisine, Iran-Cuisine is a site that shares new Iranian recipes (in English, Frenchand German) every week and takes you to the heart of Iran through its cuisine rich in colors and flavors! It is a delicious cuisine that deserves to be discovered and democratized. It is a balanced and refined cuisine high in taste conferred by its multiple spices and condiments such as saffron, very popular in Iranian gastronomy. 

Iran Cuisine will also share articles on Iranian gastronomy and culture with you. Here you can find easy, quick and delicious recipes to cook, such as the Shirazi Salad, the legendary salad from the city of Shiraz from which it takes its name. 

If you are willing to learn more about Persian cooking check out the recipes that are classified in three groups as: starters, dishes and desserts. As a good and easy example you can read the page about Kashke Bademjan, a healthy vegetarian starter that is recommended for everyone. If you are a fan of main dishes, one of the best recipes is for Kabab, how to make it all juicy. 

Don't miss the list of the desserts such as Ferni and Shole Zard. And at the end we have to mention that you can also share your Persian recipes in this website to share your experience.

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