Akbar Abad & Ghasem Abad Qanats
Iran World Heritage Sites

Akbar Abad & Ghasem Abad Qanats

Akbar Abad & Ghasem Abad Qanats located in Baravat, Bam city in Kerman province which registered on Iran UNESCO World Heritage Sites under the name of The Persian Qanats.

The length of the Qanat is 1100m and it enjoys 35 wells. The depth of the mother well is 7m and the water level of this Qanat is 8L in second. Akbar Abad Qanat is exactly located beside another Qanat called Qasem Abad Beravat Bam, thus together they are called “Twin Qanats”.

Ghasem Abad Qanat is also located in Beravat village of Bam city in Kerman province. It is in the neighborhood of Akbar Abad Qanat. It has 2300m length and 50 wells. The water level of Ghasem Abad Qanat is 139L in second.

Akbar Abad Qanat

Different countries are known for different properties. But east countries are unique in having such great historical and cultural heritages among which Iran is one of the outstanding places. It is said that the length of Iran’s Qanats together is longer than China's Great Wall. This is Iranian miracles in the heart of the desert! These miracles have fascinated lots of tourists and scientists from all around the world to travel to Iran and visit these gentle generous resources which stand with dignity and glory to preserve ancient artistic thoughts.

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