Iran Tour
Iran is not only famous for its magnificent architectural monuments, historic palaces, traditions, costumes, handicrafts, goodies, and attractive natural spots but also for hospitality and friendship of its people. Legendary and mythical stories are told about Iranian Kings and Queens. Explore Iran from Kashan to Persepolis, from Isfahan to Yazd, from Northern Forests to Persian Gulf. Fotros Tour and Travel Agency has arranged some tours which lead you to find out the reality of Iran.
Shi’a Highlight Tour fotros_new

Shi’a Highlight Tour

6 night

Visit Shia holiest sites in Iran which is one of the main religious destinations for Shia Muslims from different countries. Purify your soul in Shia Highlight Tour.

Start Price: 740 €

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Iran Churches fotros_new

Iran Churches

12 night

A Unique Opportunity to See Iran through the Christianity gates. Explore Iran and expand the message of peace and friendship in the world.

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Iran Muharram Tour

Iran Muharram Tour

08 night

Iran Muharram Tour is a tangible experience in a very important religious ceremony in Iran and discover the cities of Qom, Abyaneh Village, Yazd, Chak Chak Village, Isfahan, Kashan, and Tehran.

Start Price: 600 €

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