Nomadic Tour

It is only in Iran where you can meet varied ethnic groups of nomads with their specific life styles, dialects, and costumes in one political entity. So don’t miss this incredible opportunity. Emigration and ranching have always been part of Iranian lifestyle from olden times. We put your hands in nomads’ to describe the meaning of kinship and tribe. Don’t worry! You will also spend some days in Iran’s outstanding cities to rela.



  • Accomadation in Camp
  • Delicious Nomadic
  •  Experience hiking Tour
  • Refreshment 
  • Dinner under the light of gas-burning lights
  • Local Guide


  • Insurence 
  • Extra services
  • Tips


Group Price
 2 Pax 121 €
 3-8 Pax 150 €

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Tour Hightlights

Iran Nomad Tours

Duriation: Days 2 / Nights 1

Start: 0

End: 0

City: Shiraz- Eghlid

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