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In Iran, the majority religion is Islam, but Christianity has also a long history in this country. It was established in the Parthian Empire in the middle of 3rd century AD. Gradually, Christian people have constructed almost 600 churches in different cities of Iran according to the climate conditions, they’re inspired by Persian architecture as well.
In this special tour, you will visit 10 significant churches in Tehran, Tabriz, Urmia, Sanandaj, Hamedan and Isfahan. Among the 600 churches, 90 ones are National heritage sites and three churches are inscribed on world heritage list which all are located in Northwest of Iran. One of them which is surrounded by a spectacular nature is Saint Stepanos Monastery, near Jolfa city. It was built in the 9th century and is located in a canyon and surrounded by mountains and is near to Aras River.
Another significant church is Vank Cathedral that’s located in Jolfa district of Isfahan. In this area, many Armenian people who are Christian are living. So many Armenian deportees during the Ottoman War were resettled in Esfahan by Iran king (Shah Abbas) and this church has built for these people in 1606. The cathedral is really striking specially the interior walls which are covered with fine frescos.
In this tour, you will also enjoy visiting many other wonderful historical sites which are mentioned in the itinerary including Tehran splendid palaces and museums and heavenly mosques and Persian gardens in Isfahan and Kashan.


Arrival in Tehran. Greetings by your guide and transfer to the hotel.
After breakfast, visit Grand bazaar Tehran and then visit Saint Sarkis Cathedral (an Armenian Apostolic church in Tehran). Drive to Sa'ad Abad Complex and visit two palaces of this complex. Visit Tajrish bazaar and Imamzadeh Saleh Holy Shrine. Dinner in Darband area of Tehran.
After breakfast, visit Golestan Palace, a former royal Qajar complex. Then visit National Museum of Iran (it consists of two parts, the Museum of Ancient Iran, and the Islamic Era and contains pottery, ceramics, Bronze, books, coins and other archaeological gems from excavations all over Iran). Finally, visit the Museum of St. Mary church (an Iran's National Heritage site).
After breakfast, fly to Tabriz. In Tabriz, visit the historical bazaar of Tabriz and the carpet bazaar (UNESCO heritage site). In the afternoon, visit El-Gulu complex.
After breakfast, drive to visit St. Stepanos Monastery (UNESCO world Heritage). Drive to Aras River, and visit Chapel of Chupan (a small, historic Armenian church building in a mountain valley west of Jolfa near the Aras River) (242 km). Return to Tabriz and visit the Kaboud Mosque (Blue Mosque).
After breakfast, drive to Saint Thaddeus Cathedral (UNESCO world Heritage). Continue the way to Urmia. In Urmia, visit Segonbad (Three Gonbads). O/N in Urmia
After breakfast, visit St. Mary Church in Urmia. Drive to Sanandaj via Saqez. In sanandaj, visit Asef Mansion and Sanandaj Museum. O/N in Sanandaj
After breakfast, drive to Hamadan. Visit Stephen Gregory Church in Hamadan and then head to the museum and archeological site of Hegmataneh and finally, visit the Mausoleum of Baba Tahir. O/N in Hamadan.
After breakfast, Driving to Isfahan via Arak and Golpayegan. At night, stroll along Khajou Bridge in Isfahan. O/N in Isfahan.
After breakfast, visit Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO world Heritage). The square contains Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ālī Qāpū Palace, and traditional bazaar). Visit Chehel Sotun Palace, another example of a Persian garden used for holding religious-national ceremonies and royal festivals. O/N in Isfahan.
After breakfast, visit Vank Cathedral, (a complex where you can see one of the first printing offices in Iran, a museum and the main cathedral. Fine paintings and gilded carvings and the rich tile work add to the beauty and importance of this monument) and Bedkhem Church (an Armenian Apostolic church in the Julfa quarter. Drive to Kashan and visit the historical Aghabozorg Mosque and school O/N in Kashan.
After breakfast, Visit Tabatabaeis and Boroujerdis house, two historical houses in town of Kashan. Visit the beautiful Fin Garden in Kashan (UNESCO world Heritage). Drive to IKIA. O/N in IKIA.
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Duriation : Days 13 / Nights 12

City: Tehran – Tabriz – Urmia – Sanandaj – Hamadan – Isfahan – Kashan

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