Persian Gulf to Caspian Sea Tour

Persian Gulf to Caspian Sea Tour is a coast to coast Iran tour which includes Iran Best Cultural Tour in itself. Persian Gulf Tour includes Qeshm Island Tour, Hormuz Island Tour, Hengam Island Tour and Caspian Sea Tour covers Masuleh Village, Rudkhan Castle, Hyrcanian Forest and Talesh Caviar Farm.


Upon arrival at IKA, meet your guide and transfer to your hotel and rest for half a day until noon. Then visit Carpet Museum of Iran to see the best collection of Persian carpets from 16th century to present. The National Jewelry Treasury, (open from Saturday to Tuesday) the priceless and most unique jewelry collection in the world. Transfer to hotel and rest.
Transfer from Mehrabad Airport and fly to Qeshm Island. Visit Qeshm Geopark, where we experience a unique stunning natural phenomenon in Chahkooh Canyon and learn about Geo Tourism and formation of features of mother earth. Next visit Hara Forest Protected Area, the mangrove forests or Avicennia Marina, major habitat for migratory birds in the cold season, and for reptiles, fish, and varieties of arthropoda and bivalves. Visit local bazaar and enjoy a Persian cuisine. Transfer to hotel and rest. O/N in Qeshm
Continue your adventure in Hormuz Island, the most wonderful island in Persian Gulf. Explore the Silence Valley AKA as Goddess of Salt, an area covered with layer of rigid salt and walled by salt mountains where silence reigns. After observing the Viewpoint Salt Landscape, walk through the multi-hued jagged salt hills at Rainbow Valley. The Valley of the Statues is our next visiting place, the weirdest-looking craggy cliffs formed through million years out of soil and water. Back to mainland, promenade at Red-Martian Beach, next to the Red Soil Mine. Last but not least, Hormoz Portuguese Castle, built in the early 16th century over Persian islands. Ordered by Afonso de Albuquerque in 1507, the castle aka Fort of Our Lady of the Conception, was finally freed with Persian Safavid king, Abbas I of Persia. Return to Qeshm late this evening. O/N in Qeshm
After breakfast, we head toward Borka Khalaf to venture into the enigmatic Valley of the Stars. Walk through the labyrinthine narrow paths shaped by meteorite and hear the mysterious sound of the hidden monster living there for thousand years. Next, drive to southwest part of Qeshm, Kandaloo port. Watch for pod of dolphins as we sail to Hengam Island by motorboat. Visit the port facilities made by United Kingdom in early 20th century at the end of Qajar reign over Iran. Stop at Silver Beach to have a leisurely walk on magical sands and taste shrimp samosa in local bazaar. Transfer to port. Get on sea ferry to transfer to Bandar Abbas. Transfer to hotel and rest. O/N in Bandar Abbas
After breakfast, transfer to Bandar Abbas airport and fly to Shiraz. Shiraz is known as a city of poets and literatures and lovers. Stroll in magnificent Persian garden of Eram Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site) filled with amorous smell of orange blossoms. The origin of the Eram Garden dated back to the eleventh century, but now it is turned into a botanical garden, home to more than 200 different types of trees and plants, a fascinating place to walk some hours. After lunch, you have free time to take a walk in the Vakil Bazaar, discover the different products and artisans of the city in a covered and traditional market with a pleasant temperature in Shiraz. Next head toward Ali Ibn Hamza Mausoleum, one of Holy Shrines in Shiraz. The holy shrine is famous for its green dome and dazzling interior mirror- work. In late evening, visit Tomb of Hafez, the most popular poet in Iran to know the reason behind his popularity among Iranians. Transfer to hotel and rest. O/N in Shiraz
Early in the morning, take a rainbow shower in Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, a work of architecture and art of pink tiles in a magnificent and spiritual environment. En route to Yazd, stop at ancient Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site), once frequented by Cyrus, Xerxes, and Darius, explore the origins of the greatest empire in the world. We continue the trip to Necropolis or Naqsh-e Rustam, one of the most spectacular places of the ancient Achaemenid Empire, the tombs of the Persian kings as a reminder of the powerful empire that dominated a significant part of the ancient world. Continue toward Yazd. Spend the night at the rooftop café overlooking Jameh Mosque of Yazd. O/N in Yazd
On this day, visit Yazd, an old city that has recently been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in an oasis at the western end of the deserts of Dasht-e Kavir. Visit Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, the necropolis on the top of the hill. Then visit the holy fire in Zoroastrian Fire Temple burning for more than 2000 years. Stop for a short time at Markar Square. Drive toward the Amir Chaghmagh Complex, a large monument with fine numerous vaults. The next visit is the Friday Mosque, for Muslims Friday is like for Christians on Sunday, a super beautiful mosque at the entrance of the old adobe neighborhood, called: Fahadan. In the evening, drive towards Isfahan (323 km). O/N in Isfahan
Isfahan is a splendid city where we will visit historical monuments of Islamic art. Isfahan or the pearl of Persia is an impressive city in the Islamic history of the world. It was the capital of the country during the sixteenth - seventeenth century, the time of rebirth of the art of Iran. The visit of the city includes: Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO World Heritage Site) the second largest square in the world with a craft bazaar all around. The Shah Mosque in the north of the square is the crown jewel of this square. The third site is the Sheikh-Lotfollah Mosque, a turquoise dome without any minaret. The next visiting place is Chehel Sotoun Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site), with its magnificent exterior golden muqarnas and the interior fresco paintings. Transfer to hotel and rest. O/N in Isfahan
Upon returning to Tehran, we will visit Kashan. It is the first of a series of great oases along the road that goes from Qom to Kerman, along the edge of the central deserts of Iran. Visit the Traditional Persian residential architecture of Tabatabaei and Broujerdis Houses. Then take a walk in Kashan Bazaar including Aminoddole Carvansarai. Spend some time in Pottery workshop to get to know the art of making pottery. Drive toward Tehran. Transfer to hotel and rest. O/N in Tehran
This morning, after a short leisure walk at National Garden, Tehran, the only remaining Tehran gate, venture into the history of Persia from Paleolithic Time to early settlement in the villages and from Elamite Empire to Sassanid Empire at National Museum of Iran. After having a Persian cuisine for lunch, spend the afternoon exploring labyrinthine alleys of Tehran Grand Bazaar, economic heart of Iran. Stop at Haj Ali Darvish Tea House smallest tea house in the world to taste traditional Saffron and mint tea. Then take a guided walk in extraordinary Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site) dating back to 16th century. Hear the story of Tehran settlement from a small village to a metropolis while visiting the main stunning palaces merging Persian art with European architecture. Transfer to hotel and rest. O/N in Tehran
In the morning, drive toward Tehran railway station. Get on the train to travel northern part of Iran. The train leaves at 8:30 A.M. The train passes through the Alborz Range to enter Hyrcanian Forest (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in Guilan province. The train arrives at Rasht, the city of rain, at 13:30. The lunch is served on the train. After arrival, get on a vehicle to drive toward Masuleh Village. Visit an exotic terraced village at the foot of Alborz Range. Walk through the narrow alleys walled with brownish houses and discover the local culture. Transfer to hotel and rest. O/N in Masuleh Hotel
After breakfast, Drive toward Talesh, a city famous for its lush forest and Caviar. Drive through the curvy road sided by green tress to Talesh. Visit caviar farm to know how this precious food is produced. Drive toward Anzali to see the sunset next to the port. Drive toward Rasht. Visit Shahr Dari Square in Rasht at night and taste Persian food in one of the restaurants. Transfer to hotel and rest. O/N in Rasht
Drive back to Tehran in the morning. Transfer to hotel and rest. Transfer to Imam Khomeini International Airport. End of the tour.

Three- or Four-star hotels with breakfast

Airport transfer to hotel and vice versa

One domestic flight from Tehran to Qeshm

One domestic flight from Bandar Abbas to Shiraz

Inland transfers with VIP Coach

Full-time English-speaking Guide

Entrance fees, sightseeing and excursions as per the itinerary

Meals: Half-board + Refreshments (including two bottles of water per day per person)

Visa and Insurance Services

Tips in restaurants and hotels


Iran visa fee payable in the Iranian Embassy/ Iranian Airport according to your nationality

International flight

Any other services not mentioned above


Tour Hightlights

Tour Cultural

Duriation: Days 13 / Nights 12

Start1: 10/19/2020    End1: 10/31/2020

Start2: 11/17/2020    End2: 11/29/2020

City: Tehran – Qeshm– Shiraz – Yazd – Isfahan – Kashan – Rasht – Talesh - Tehran

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