Variety of Foods in Yazd
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Variety of Foods in Yazd

“Variety of Foods in Yazd”

when it comes to talk about Yazd, Iranians mostly remember of the delicious sweets and cookies that are made in this city. By eating some of them such as Baklava, Qottab and Haaji Baadaam you can never forget about its taste and will always look for another chance to have them.
Not only these sweets are known in Yazd because of their unique flavor, but also foods originating from Yazd are so popular. 
We have a luscious variety of foods in Yazd city. Here we want to introduce you to some of the most known sweets and meals in this city which truly can make a nice memory of Iran for you.




Qottab is an almond-filled, deep-fried Persian pastry. It's prepared with flour, almonds, icing sugar, vegetable oil, and cardamom. Some versions of Ghottab may contain other ingredients since most of the best recipes are family secrets that are jealously guarded.
Ghotab is one of three types of sweets (shirini) that the Iranian city of Yazd is famous for producing.



 (said and pronounced baghlava /baqlava in Farsi), is “Queen” of the sweets, star of festive tables, one item no one passes when offered and served, especially on Nowruz (start of the new year in Iran). This sweet is so suitable to be eaten by a cup of tea. You can feel the smell and flavor of Rosewater syrup in it.  Actually, It’s a traditional Mediterranean treat using phyllo dough. The filling varies from ground walnuts to almonds or pistachios. Greeks use a honey syrup to sweeten their baklava while the Persians use a rose water syrup.


Haji Badaam:

It’s one of the local sweets produced in Yazd. The Nutmeg and Chickpea flour which exists in Haji Badaam lead it to have a nutritional value that keeps your energy high.

Ash-e Shooli:

Ash is a very common meal among Iran which can be compared to a soup. But many say that Ash is even much more mouth-watering!
But let’s see what is Ash-e Shooli; so known among Yazdis, this Ash is made of different ingredients such as Beetroot, lentil, vinegar, Pomegranate sauce, onion, and some spices. No one knows where does the word “Shooli” comes from but indeed everyone in Yazd has tried it at least once.

Khoresht-e Gheymeh Nokhod:

This meal is somehow mentioned as a real “food”! but why? Since Iranians are so used to eat rice for their meals and since Gheymeh Nokhod is eaten by rice, therefore Iranians call it a real food! 
U can cook Gheymeh Nokhod by pea, onion, beef or lamb meat, saffron, black pepper, and frying oil.


Written by:

Sara Bagheri Nezhad

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