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Top Indian restaurants in Tehran
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Top Indian restaurants in Tehran

Indian dishes are spicy, flavorful, varied and delicious. Although Indian and Iranian tastes are very different, but Iranians love Indian dishes and like to taste them at least once. Like all over the world, in Iran, along with a variety of traditional and modern Arabic, Japanese, Mexican, Turkish restaurants and so on, there are good Indian restaurants that will create an Indian atmosphere in Iran with their beautiful decoration and varied food menu. This article introduces three of the top Indian restaurants in Tehran so that you will have an Iranian-Indian experience while traveling to Iran.


Indian restaurant in Tehran


Chingari restaurant:

Chingari restaurant serves its dishes with authentic taste of Indian food. This restaurant with more than 60 different types of vegetarian, Tandoori and Indian breads is a great choice for those who want to try Indian foods. The restaurant's decoration is quite stylish and luxurious. Using beautiful sculptures, charming and professional lighting, comfortable chairs and play of Indian music give the Chingari restaurant a wonderful atmosphere.

Drinks in Chingari restaurant are as important as the main dishes and snacks. The main dishes of Chingari restaurant consist of a variety of vegetarian and meats and include four portions of curry, rice, bakery and vegetarian dishes. Butter Chicken is one of the hard-to-make Indian dishes that Chingari restaurant with Indian Chef has made it very well.

Overall Chingari Restaurant is a great restaurant for experiencing Indian dishes in Tehran and with 80 seating capacity is a great choice for a beautiful night.

Address: Zohreh crossroad, Northern Mofatteh Ave, Motahari St


Chingari restaurant


Maharaja Restaurant

Maharaja Indian restaurant has a special atmosphere with its beautiful Indian architecture and decoration. When you enter the restaurant, the first thing that catches your eyes is a golden elephant sculpture. Beautiful wall tiles also give you a sense of being in India. Playing an uninterruptedly Indian music at the restaurant, provides a great relaxation while eating. The lighting of this restaurant is very beautiful and makes it dreamy.

Do not forget that the Indian restaurant Maharaja is the oldest Indian restaurant and has been making the most delicious Indian food for many years in Tehran.

Located in the Jahan hotel, this unique and old restaurant has 60 seating capacity and you can choose it as a friendly environment and enjoy the moments together.

Address: Maharaja restaurant, Jahan hotel, Taleghani Valiasr crossroads


Maharaja restaurant


Taj Mahal Restaurant

One of the most popular Indian café-restaurants in Tehran is the Indian restaurant of Taj Mahal hotel. This restaurant has 120 seats.

Entering the restaurant, the first thing that catches your eyes is the pungent red that is used everywhere. Very quiet atmosphere, gentle light and oriental aroma of the place, are characteristics of the restaurant.

Upon arrival, Iranian and Indian staff will welcome you and guide you to the section you are looking for. Then a woman in beautiful Indian dress, if desired, leaves a Hindu mark on forehead for women.

The restaurant serves a variety of vegetables, soups and snacks, rice dishes, lamb curry, seafood, chicken curry, spicy foods, Indian breads and drinks. The ingredients used in all of the dishes are listed in the menu

The Taj Mahal restaurant is among expensive restaurants. The highest price is usually for seafood and the lowest for bread.

Address: No 29, southern Sheikh Bahaei St, Mollasadra Blv, Vanak Sq


Taj Mahal restaurant


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