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Tehran International Book Fair

Tehran Book Fair

Every year there is an international book fair held in Tehran (TIBF) which so many people are appealed to. It is a cultural event which is honestly a great unique book fair in the Middle East and Asia and Actually being held on 2nd -12th May. Also, it takes around 10 days.
So many people plan to go over there due to its interesting diversity of subjects. You can find books which you might not find easily during the year in most of the bookstores. Good point is that sometimes good discounts are seen on books. Also, you can buy a credit card before the start of the book fair. Its Advantage is that it will have some amount of credit more than what you have paid to buy the card. 
There are national and international publishers in this fair. Like, from different countries, that can be Asian or European, etc.  Also, you can find some workshops and lectures over there. This fair has 4 different sections, Public publishers Section, Kids, and teenagers Publishers section, University Publishers Section and Educational Publishers section.
Millions of people take part in this cultural event. So that not only students but also people from various classes of the society attend in this annual cultural fair, this event is illustrated as the most significant cultural event in Iran that gives you a considerable chance to find even rarely published books. 


Number of publishers at hand and country of origin

On Average, there are about 2,500 domestic and 600 foreign publishers in the event. The foreign publishers usually suggest their materials in English or Arabic together with titles in French, German, Chinese, Korean or Japanese are also available.
Publishers attending in this book fair generally represent more than 60 countries. Also, it might be interesting to know that The considered area for holding the fair is about 75 thousand square meters.

Amount of sold books are enormously eye-catching! In the TIBF, this cultural event, last year, more than 120 billion Rials (nearly $38 million) worth of books were sold.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Panel discussions and other cultural projects

Hundreds of cultural meetings or happenings are carried out during the highlighted Tehran event as lateral activities, including face-to-face meetings with Iranian authors, book review sessions, writing workshops lecture sessions. Last year in the TIBF event, nearly 250 various sessions (more or less) were staged in a center in the fairground called House of Authors.


Number of visitors

We can claim that nearly more than 5 million people on average visit the TIBF annually. Which is estimated that among these 5 million people around one million have visited the foreign publisher's section.
If you want to know where exactly in Tehran this fair is being held, we should say that there are 2 places considered for it. First one is “Mosalla-ye Emam Khomeini”.


There is also a metro station specified to this place in line 1. The second one is “Shahr-e Aftab” located in the southern part of Tehran. Same as Mosalla it also has a metro station in line 1 called “Namayeshgah-e Shahre Aftab”. So you can easily reach there without spending so much money on your transportation!

Written by:

Sara Bagheri Nezhad

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