Isfahan Tribes | Music, Handicrafts

Isfahan Tribes | Music, Handicrafts

Isfahan Tribes (Part 3)

Qashqai Music:

Qashqai music is assumed to be the song of nature and nomads as the language and dialect of Qashqai tribes is Turkish so their music is closely related to Azari music in the realm of culture and tradition. Qashqai's music includes some of the musical categories that exist in Azerbaijani culture. The other group is called “Changs”, which are said to the "Korna", "Serena" and "Naqareh", a kind of timpani, musicians and players, mostly perform in wedding parties.



The other part of this category is entitled” Sarbanish”, which had been song in the past with reed in the Persian language. Major songs that have remained are in the form of melody and ballads, performed in weddings and ceremonies. Qashqai's poems are full of life and mainly about love, affection, and parting from love, lost beloved, etc. 


Qashqai Handicrafts:

Some decades ago Gelim (a kind of handmade rug) was used by Iranians. Women sew and wave Gabeh, Jajim, Ziloo which are all a type of carpet and rugs but different in the design, color, and thread quality. What is noticeable about these handicrafts is that they are the reflection of nature and the atmosphere around the knitters. 


The other handmade of Qashqai women is named “Chanteh”, a type of bag, used for carrying personal stuff, bread, and small objects.

Tribal people use sheepskin for making a kind of container called Mashk or Khik for keeping water, milk, dough, and oil.



Written by: Najmeh Haghi

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