Isfahan Tribes | Accommodation, Customs, Clothing
Traditional Clothes

Isfahan Tribes | Accommodation, Customs, Clothing

Isfahan Tribes (Part 2)


Qashqai tribes’ accommodation:

Qashqaei tribes’ tents are called "Bohun", made of black goat's hair. This kind of tent is sturdy, firm, well-made and resists against humidity and coldness. In the winter, most of the poles are arranged around and in the middle of the tent, and the roof is in the form of a cone so when rain falls, water pours from the edge of the tent’s roof to the ground but in the summer and spring, they put the poles across the tents so the roof is in the horizontal form.



Most of the goodies, groceries, pillows, sheets, blankets, clothes and other objects are put up in baggage and luggage and set them aside in the tent’s parapet, and sometimes they decorate and design them by a beautiful handmade Jajim (a kind of rug). There are also white or brown tents for guests and is used for weddings.


Qashqai Wedding Parties and Customs:

The Qashqais are known as happy people that one of their favorite activities is to participate in joyful celebrations and ceremonies. At ceremonial occasions, celebrations, and weddings people hold handkerchiefs and stand around a large circle, shake their handkerchiefs while they sing a song. In weddings, Qashqai women and men dance but what attracts the attention is that men dance with the sticks and this kind of dancing is called (Choob Bazi) which is very beautiful and interesting. Besides dancing, drinking tea, and smoking hookahs are considered the other interests of these people.


One of the tribes’ customs is that whenever the tribal chief “Khan” dies, everyone mourns because they are so popular to their tribes, therefore, they create a magnificent shrine and go on pilgrimage to his shrine. 
The cemeteries are on the way of the tribe's nomads so that they have the chance of being present at the graves of their lovely family members, friends, relatives while they move.
It is also needed to be mentioned that Qashqai tribes are famous for their hospitality and kindness. 


Qashqai clothing:

Qashqai women's clothing is beautiful, eye-catching, and colorful which includes: four or five thin skirts called Shaliteh with a gap in its two sides, a short jacket, garment, a small local hat with a big lace scarf, a silk headband, and different types of jewelry such as gold necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets depending on their financial status. The cover of their feet is simple homemade shoes.


Men's clothing is generally special local suit, a long thick garment with loose sleeves and gaps in two sides named Arkhalgh, black pants, a waist shawl, a special woolen cream coat, worn on the Arkhalgh, and a pair of cotton shoes.


Written by: Najmeh Haghi

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