Isfahan Handicrafts

Isfahan Handicrafts

Isfahan Handicrafts


Isfahan is one of those cities which can be considered as the main center of handcrafts in Iran and one of those ways that makes people all around the world get familiar with Iran is different kinds of handicrafts. Tourists like buying some special gifts as a souvenir for their family, relatives, and friends and Isfahan is supposed to be one of the best places for this goal.


Khatam Kari (Inlaid objects): A Persian wooden handicraft, made by decorating the outer of the wooden objects with the fragile pieces of wood, animals’ bones, and geometrical shapes of metals such as gold, silver, brass, and aluminum. The historical background of this art refers to around 400 years ago.


Qalam Zani(Engraving-ware): A traditional handcraft, prepared of carving on different metals such as copper, brass, silver, and gold.


Mina Kari (Enamel-ware): The crucial role of blue color in this handcraft is undeniable. Decorating and designing metal by colors and baking them, catching everyone’s eyes. 


Pottery: Traces indicates the very first potteries made around 10000 years ago in Iran, shows the antiquity of this art. Isfahan is known as the major core of pottery.


Copper-ware: Carving, engraving, and shaping metals especially coppers returns to the cultural development of human beings. As the history of Iran refers to the thousands of years ago, copper has played a great role in Iranians’ lives. Besides the beauty of the copper objects, the healing quantity is also being noticed.



Turquoise Inlaying Stuff: Precious and treasured turquoise inlaying objects, made of turquoise chips of Mashhad or Nishaburs’ mines, pressed onto the surface of the metal.
Carpet: Persian carpets and rugs are so popular for their qualities, designs, and colors, waved mostly by women with their delicate femininity.


Written by: Najmeh Haghi

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