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Isfahan Goodies


Iran is not only famous for its architectural and historic spots and constructions but also for its unique souvenirs, goodies, and distinct types of food. One of those provinces in Iran which has a great and ancient history is Isfahan which is also recognized for its food. Every year, so many tourists travel to this magnificent city to get more familiar with Iran. 

Beryani: The local traditional delicious food of Isfahan, cooked of minced lambs and lungs flavored with onion, some special spices, and dried mint, fried like hamburgers, served with Iranian drinks called Dough, basil and Iranian bread named Sangak.



Kal Joosh: Mostly cooked by Qashghai tribes and prepared fast which is a mixture of whey, dried mint, onions, walnuts, oil, salt, and paper, eating by local bread.




Halim Bademjan: Tasty and so popular among people prepared of cooked rice, mashed eggplants, lamb’s neck meat, fried onion, fried dried mint, whey, salt and, pepper, sold particularly in special diners called Halim Forooshi. 




Yogurt Stew (Khoresh Mast): Traditional formal food, served in wedding ceremonies and great parties in Isfahan, including beef, sweet strained yogurt, fried barberries, pistachio, and almond, without salt.



Ferni (a kind of pudding): A sweet white dessert consists of milk, starch, rice flour usually cooked during Ramadan or used for brunch.



Mashti Kebab: A time-honored pleasant food, cooked only in the houses by housewives and women, made of minced lambs, carrots, syrup, and vinegar, fried in oil, tasted sweet and sour at the same time, not being served in restaurants.




Gooshfil and Dough: Gooshfil is a sweet goody eaten with sour Dough seems bizarre but so yummy and noted among Isfahanians.




Gaz: Known as Persian Nougat, sweet and appetizing made of sugar, water, white, special flavor, pistachio and honeydew, best eatable confection used as a souvenir.




Sohan Asali: Valuable sweet served in Nowruz holidays and formal parties made of sugar, saffron, honey, oil, almond and pistachio for decorating and designing. 




Poolaki:  The most famous souvenir of Isfahan, fragile delicate sweet served with tea instead of a sugar cube.  Made of water, sugar, vinegar, and flavored by pistachio, dried lime, saffron, sesame, etc. 




Written by: Najmeh Haghi


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