Iran: 5 Reasons Why You Should Pay A Visit
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Iran: 5 Reasons Why You Should Pay A Visit

Iran has been on the news a lot after Donald Trump presidency, of course on the dark and wrong side of it. Despite the general belief that Iran is the on the axis of evil and is the heart of terrorism in the Middle East, those who have been to Iran never creased to think about unforgettable memory and taste of Persian food. A bit will whitewash any unfair publicity.  

Whatever your reasons for thinking about travelling to Iran, either cultural or adventurous, it’s certainly true to say that Iran has grown status as one of the top travel destinations over the last few years, despite all propaganda.  If you are starting to think about where to go on your holidays after lifting COVID-19 restrictions, Iran is definitely worth spending vacations. Here are 5 of the biggest reasons why.



1. Iran Is Totally Affordable


Anyone who has visited the Dubai or Oman will know that it is a pretty expensive place to spend any length of time. On the other hand, Travel to Iran is undoubtedly a cheap holiday destination in terms of domestic flight and hotel accommodation. This is particularly true if you compare the cost of the Iran Rials to that of the US dollar.

According to World Economic Forum, Iran is the 1st cheapest travel destination in the world. This might not look good so much economic wise, but think about how many cities you can visit in Iran. An average $65 a day was how much they worked out you would need to sleep, eat 3 meals, travel on public transport, visit a tourist site, and have a few Islamic beers at the end of it all.

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Ameriha Boutique Hotel in Kashan 


2. Iran Is Insanely Beautiful


First of all, Iran is not Iraq! Iraq is another country. Second, a lot of people don’t realize just how huge Iran is. To put this into perspective, Iran is about 3 times bigger than France to make this even crazier, Iran is the ninetieth largest country in the world and is 7 times bigger than United Kingdom.

These statistics help to give you an idea of how ideal Iran can be. It’s a huge land mass full of great natural beauty, but it’s also a place where you’ll probably never feel overcome by the number of people around. Iran features some of the most awe-inspiring nature in the whole world for photographers and nature enthusiasts. Two large desert Dasht Kavir and Dasht Lut (Lut Desert – Iran UNESCO World Heritage Site), incredible lush Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests (Iran UNESCO World Heritage Site), Mount Damavand, one of the 7 volcanic summit in the world plus nearly 600 mountains over 4000 meters, colorful mountains in Mahneshan, Zanjan and Khaje, Tabriz and Martian mountains in Chabahar, pinky lake in Shiraz, various canyons and waterfalls and above all colorful Hormuz Island, Iran truly is a nature lover’s paradise.

Chehel Sotoun Isfahan


3. Iran is Diverse


In spite of having a relatively large Farsi-speaking population, Iran is renowned for its cultural diversity. It’s a country that people from many different cultural backgrounds call “Mother Iran”. This diversity of backgrounds is something that visitors will most easily see in the major cities Mashhad, Tabriz, Qeshm, Ahvaz, Kermanshah, Tehran where urban hubs feature a wide range of ethnic neighborhoods, restaurants, and shops. It also extends beyond the different races and cultures of the people who live here, Persian, Turk, Arab, Kurd, Lur and Baloch.

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Pir Shalyar Festival in Kurdistan 


4. Iran Is Awesome


Iran is unquestionably an attractive tourist destination thanks to its great natural beauty, but this is also a pretty happening place. The major cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Rasht and Yazd are all lively urban centers where there’s always something going on. For lovers of social life, culture vultures, foodies and sweets, cozy cafes, and everybody else in between, Iran’s’ cities are definitely places where you can spend an entire holiday discovering new things and places. It would be a regret to not take in the pleasing country on offer while you can, but you’ll go home with unforgettable memories and a lot of Iran yummy sweets and Saffron and a big smile on your face either way.

Baklava of Tabriz 


5. Iran Is Fun for Everyone


The sheer size of Iran is echoed in the opportunities that it offers to its visitors. Whether you are a single female hitchhiker or couple backpacker on a round the world trip or a family looking for something to offer everyone, Iran really is an ideal place. For those who love the outdoors, Iran is some kind of heaven on earth, an inspiring environment where you can tap into. Another dimension that makes it particularly attractive to visitors is that Iran is a safe country to visit no matter what the media says or shows. Once arrive at Imam Khomeini International Airport, the travelers tremble in fear of being mugged, rubbed or even killed thanks to Argo Movie and other media coverage. However, they end up missing and crying on departure day out of joy and hospitality. We kill travelers with hospitality. It is our specialty! Yet, Iran is not Utopia but this is a country that has very little violent crime, surely less than US or UK. Of course, you need to take usual precautions, just as you would when you are at your home country, but this is definitely a place where you can safely enjoy your stay. 

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