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Iran Flag

Iran flag is a horizontal tricolor flag consists of green on top, white in the middle (with a Kufic transcription of Allah (God) in the center), and red in below. The colors are the same as what you see in Italy and Hungary flags, but different in orientation and colors’ placement. 
In Iranian culture, these colors define deep meanings; green stands for growth, happiness, and nature. White expresses freedom. Red symbolizes bravery, life, love, and martyrdom exclusively.

Iran Time

Daylight saving time in Iran usually starts on March 22 each year (which is the first day of spring and the beginning of new Iranian year, Nowruz) and at 12:00 am, the clock is turned forward 1 hour. Daylight saving time ends on September 22 when the clock is turned backward 1 hour on 12 am. In daylight saving, Iran time is 4.5 hours ahead of Greenwich (GMT+4:30) which changes to GMT +3:30 in winter time.

Iran working days/hours

The working days are different in Iran as it starts from Saturday to Thursday (Not Monday to Friday). The weekend is Friday but many governmental companies (excluding banks) are closed on Thursdays as well. Most of non-governmental companies are open on Thursday but it’s a half-day working day.
In Iran, the total working hours per week is 44 hours.  A working day starts at 8/9 am (depends on the company) and ends at 4/5 pm. On Thursdays, it’s from 8/9 am to 12/1 pm.

Iran Calendar

The official calendar used in Iran is called The Solar Hijri calendar. It begins on March 21st which is the Iranian New Year, Nowrouz. Lunar Hijri calendar which is the Islamic calendar is used alongside the Iranian calendar and shows the national religious holidays like the birthdays of Imams. Generally, in a printed Iranian calendar you can see a day defined by three different numbers; the solar date, the lunar date and the Gregorian date. Iran national holidays are based on solar and lunar calendars.

Iran Electricity

The standard voltage in Iran is 220V AC with the frequency of 50Hz. Two round-pin sockets are used so power plug adapters are recommended in your Iran trip. If the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 100 V - 127 V, you also need a voltage converter.

Iran Water

In most Iranian cities, tap water is safe to drink in homes and hotels. In some street and also city parks, there are drinking fountains where you can safely drink water. Bottled water is available everywhere at a cheap price. 

Iran Local English Newspapers

There are five English-language newspapers in Iran. You can check their websites or buy the printed versions from newsstands. 
1.     Tehran Times which is Iran’s leading international daily. 
2.    Kayhan is one of the popular newspapers among Iranians and publishes an English version called Kayhan International.
3.    The only English language newspaper on economics in Iran is Financial Tribune. 
And two more popular English language newspapers are:

Iran Dialing Code

Iran dial code is +98. If you are calling Iran from your country, you shall dial +98 first, the city dial code second and finally the numbers. If you are dialing an Iranian number from Inside Iran, you don’t need to dial +98 anymore, however.


Area Code

Dialing Code



+98 21



+98 31



+98 71



+98 35



+98 34



+98 41





Iran Emergency Numbers 

If you have an emergency case while traveling in Iran, you can call related associations dialing the following numbers. You don’t need the Iran dial code (+98) or city dial codes. 


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