El-Goli Hotel
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El-Goli Hotel

El-Goli Hotel is a 5 Star hotel located in Tabriz. With a beautiful view surrounding you. Tabriz El-Goli Pars Hotel is a part of Pars Int. hotel Group. Near the beautiful El-Goli Park, Tabriz El-Goli Pars Hotel which is a luxurious 17-floor hotel is located. This hotel has a revolving restaurant in its main tower, which displays beautiful landscapes of Tabriz and El-Goli Park. In 2001, it began its work with the passenger's acceptance.

This hotel has 179 rooms in total for a perfect stay. Each room has a separate reading area. The hotel is situated on the hilltop and each room provides a hilltop breathtaking view of the city of Tabriz with skyscrapers and the surrounding mountains.

The hotel offers excellent facilities, which include swimming pool, Jacuzzi bath and a well-equipped gym. For food lovers, the hotel has a revolving restaurant which serves more than 100 cuisines including Persian, Thai, and many other varieties. For better convenience, the working staff assists the guests with ATM bank and Taxi services.

Address: beside El-Goli Park, Kasaei Fwy, Tabriz.

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