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Hasam Abad-e Moshir Qanat
Iran World Heritage Sites

Hasam Abad-e Moshir Qanat

Hasam Abad-e Moshir Qanat is located in Mehriz, Yazd which resistered on Iran UNESCO World Heritage Sites under the name of The Persian Qanats.  Its length is less than 71 km so is the second longest qanat in Iran after Qanat of Zarch.

It has more than 700 hundred years of dating. It starts in Garbaliz Mountain and is fed with Shir kuh and Garbaliz springs. It passes through Mehriz city, from the middle of Pahlavanpur Garden which is registered in UNESCO irrigating the flowers and trees. Then, after passing Dehno and Hasan Abad village reaches to Maryam Abad area in Yazd.

Hasam Abad-e Moshir Qanat

The water level of Hasam Abad-e Moshir Qanat depends on the amount of annual waterfall in Shirk Kuh Mountain, but its average in spring with enough rainfall is 200 liter in second. In summer and fall, it decreases to 110 liters per second. One of the unique features of Hasam Abad-e Moshir Qanat is that salt and gypsum layers do not form along the Qanat route and this results in reaching the Qanat water to the lower area villages with the original quality.

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